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Amusing Grace



Chit Chat'n



How to be Badder than your Bad Kids





Make Momma Happy









Four Motivational sessions in one CD
Seven steps to realizing your dreams
How to overcome adversity

7 ups
And a surprise
bonus session


If a man have enough horse sense to treat his woman like a thoroughbred she won’t turn into an old nag.




When a Man Loves a Woman


Since You've Come to the Party, You Might as Well Dance




Hard out Here for a Pimp






The Missing Ingredients to Success

Power PrinciplesFor Going the Distance in this Race called Life




A motivational sermon guaranteed to help the  youth of today develop the qualities of leadership. I dare you to listen for 5 minutes…you’ll have to hear it’s entirety.





Man goes through 7 stages: spills,drills, thrills, bills, ills, stills, and wills. From the rocking in the cradle to the folding in the graveyou need to know about life. Old school humor about the way it was.




Motivation with a Smile

Principles to help clarify your view on yourself and the world around you. As you discover and apply these life secrets for success.


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