The Great 8 Seminars


How To Be Badder Than Your Bad Kids
Power points on how to have a healthy, happy relationship with your kids

If It Ainít Broke Break It
Diversity training on how to think outside of the box

How To Make Momma Happy
8 principles that momma needs to know to add steam to her self esteem

Dream Again
7 guaranteed steps to put you back on the road to your destiny

Since Youíve Come to the Party Ya Might as Well Dance
Bedrock principles on how to break through the barriers of life

A program designed to encourage Educators, school Administrators, And Clerical Staff on the importance of their vocation as it relates to our children and the community.

The Reallionaire Mind Set
A workshop that promotes the four cornerstones of life enhancements:
Relationships, Empowerment, Attitude, and Leadership

Go on and live
A program designed to help individuals tap into their truest potential, expand the limits of their capabilities, improve attitudes, broaden awareness and abilities and implement time managements principles.



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